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 Woolly Mammoth Ivory Jewelry

Did you know that Woolly Mammoths are being unearthed all over Alaska and Siberia? At Alaskans Art-n-Around, we are able to offer some truly one-of-a-kind jewelry carved out of these prehistoric bones. Aged for thousands of years under the Alaskan tundra, they can now become part of your collection. If you would prefer to wear something grown in this century, consider our stunning collection of carved bone jewelry from responsibly sourced cow bones.

Unearthed in Alaska--Carved by Masters in Bali

Our woolly mammoth jewelry is created out of a mammoth that was unearthed in Alaska. The bones and ivory were shipped off to Bali, where master carvers created a collection of pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and carvings. Each piece is a conversation piece in itself while maintaining its innate beauty. The last mammoth walked the Earth about 4,000 years ago, but these pieces are entirely timeless.

Maintain Tradition with Responsibly Sourced Carved Bone Jewelry

If you love the look of ivory, but want a more eco-conscious 21st century option, check out our line of carved bone jewelry. These pieces are crafted by local artisans from responsibly sourced cow bones. You enjoy the warmth and feel of ivory and support a traditional craft. Make your choice from pins, necklaces, and pendants. Many items reflect the spirit animals of the North like the polar bear, sea otter, sea turtle, eagle, bear, and wolf.

Alaskans Art-n-Around stocks many beautiful examples of bone carving. Order yours from our online store or give us a call to make the purchase over the phone. While we are often traveling, so does our inventory, so we can box up your purchase and ship it out ASAP.  See us in person! We are often found at art and folk festivals and fairs all across the nation every year.

WMI Sea Horse Necklace
WMI Sea Horse
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