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Energy Stone Jewelry

Find a Focus for
Your Meditation with
Energy Stone Jewelry

Provide a point of focus for your daily healing and meditation sessions with energy stone jewelry at Alaskans Art-n-Around. Find a single larimar stone or pendant and wear this lustrous blue-green piece daily to support healing in your body and mind. We are always receiving new additions to our natural stone collection and crafting jewelry in unique styles.

Earrings, Necklaces, and Pendants to Support Focus and Healing

Do you have sore joints? A larimar stone helps to focus the healing energy of the world on the part of your body that is injured or suffers from chronic pain. Wear a pendant on a long chain and let it rest next to your heart and lungs. Grasp the stone while meditating and feel the flow of light and energy roll through you and bring healing to mind and body.

Carry Positive Energy with You with Larimar Jewelry

Energy stone jewelry is about more than its intrinsic beauty. Stones that are gifted to loved ones carry the power of that love with it, empowering the wearer through the years. The larimar stone is often associated with the sea and sky and promotes harmony between the body and soul. Its turquoise color includes sparks and swirls of white, much like sunlight dancing on calm blue waves.

Find that perfect piece of larimar jewelry at fairs and festivals across America each year at our Alaskans Art-n-Around traveling booth. Of course you can always order a pendant, necklace, or earrings from our online store. We value every customer and make every effort to ship your purchase as soon as possible.

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