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Tails help stabilize the spinners in the wind.  The mesmerizing spinning tail has a
jaw dropping optical illusion, revealing another dimension of the wind spinner experience.

Colored Ball options:
Amber, Black, Blue, Clear, Crystal, Gem Blue, Glow In the Dark, Green, Pink, Purple, Rose, Topaz, Yellow
  • Mini Twister Tails are 7.5" long

  • Color: Copper, Gold, Silver

  • 2 balls (30mm, 20mm)

  • Hanging crystal drop*

  • Spiral Tails are 11" long

  • Color: Copper, Gold, or Silver

  • 2" glass colored ball

  • Twisted Tails are 14" long

  • Color: Copper, Gold, Silver

  • 2 balls (50mm, 30mm)

  • Hanging crystal drop*

  • Harmony Tails are 14" long,

  • 3 balls (30mm, 50mm)

  • Hanging crystal drop*

* The hanging drop crystal catches the light and reflects rainbows.

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