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Sun / Dream Catchers

A Stunning Array of Dream Catchers for Peaceful Nights

Whether you love to hang dream catchers over your child's bed, or prefer catchers designed to capture the sun, you will find a colorful array of choices at Alaskans Art-n-Around. These traditional hoops decorated with brightly colored thread, feathers, and crystals offer the right mix of traditional decor and contemporary style. The latest colors are used in the designs to complement your home and bedroom decor.

Select a Catcher to Chase Away Bad Dreams

For centuries, parents would hang dream catchers over their child's crib to stop nightmares from troubling their sleep. We offer catchers in a variety of sizes from small 3-inch hoops up to 6 inches in diameter. Our stock is never the same and you can always find something new in your favorite colors, bold black highlighted by neon accents, and lighter shades. Select the one that best matches the personality of the person you are sending it to as a gift.

Reflecting Crystals and Sun Catchers Give Your Windows a Spark of Color

Our sun catchers include a reflecting crystal at their center providing a soothing point of focus for you. Hung in your sunniest window, the crystal will fill your home with fluttering rainbows. Available in all the same sizes as our dream catchers, there is one just right for every nook, plant window, and sun-filled room in your home. We wrap the hoop in leather and bead the catcher by hand, sending our love to you with every rainbow it catches.  Contact Alaskans Art-n-Around to order a customized sun catcher in your colors. 

You will find our sun catchers and dream catchers on our online shop or wherever Alaskans Art-n-Around travels to fairs and festivals throughout the year. We are always eager to hear from our customers and can provide speed shipping for every purchase.

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