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Laser Cut Wind Spinner

A Huge Selection of Laser Cut Wind Spinners

Whether you are shopping for a gift or simply want to add some extra motion and sizzle to your decor, a laser cut wind spinner from Alaskans Art-n-Around may be just what you want.  Our laser cut shapes are lightweight yet durable and are ready to start dancing in your yard when the next light wind comes along. Their design is finished in three layers of powder coat and then finished in a sparkling paint ready to capture and release rainbows for years to come.

Celebrate the Latest Victory with Our Wide Selection of Team Wind Spinners

Would you like your yard or back deck to show off your love for a particular sports team or sport? Not only can you find a wind spinner full of floral beauty, we also stock a wide variety of spinners where the team's logo pops in the center, bright  and bold.  The stainless steel is finished in complementing team colors in a vibrant star-burst shape that echoes the style of the logo.  It is the perfect accent for your backyard party patio, to hang from your RV awning, or to help you make some noise in the garden before the next big game. We offer a limited selection of team wind spinners for various Major League Baseball and college teams.  Your neighbors will want one, too! Select from popular baseball and college teams.

Stainless Steel Construction for Long Lasting Beauty

We are based out of Juneau, Alaska and many of our designs are inspired by the endless natural beauty surrounding us. At Alaskans Art-n-Around, we have the largest collection of hanging laser cut wind spinners in the country!  Our hanging wind spinners begin life as a single flat piece of stainless steel.  It is fed into a laser cutter where a robot cuts out the design.  Three layers of powder coated paint is applied including a sparkling glitter coat that catches the sun's rays and warms the room with dancing rainbows.  A dual swivel is attached to an S hook for hanging and spinning. No matter which one you buy, its multi-layer design fans out to catch any movement in the air and begins its magic of sending rainbows into your world in all directions. Hang it inside by an air conditioning vent to give it motion or place in a corner of your garden.


Hummingbirds, Beach Themes, Sunbursts, and Mythical

At Alaskans Art-n-Around, we have one of the largest collections of hanging laser cut spinners in the country! We offer designs of the aurora, bears, moose, wolves, gazing suns, hummingbirds, butterflies, cardinals, angels, crosses, and popular herbs. Sizes vary from small ones, 6.5", just right for your child's bedroom to oversized pieces, 15",  able to glam up your pool patio. Discover designs of mandalas or geometric shapes. Our unique spinning tails break out of the standard wind spinner mold with spirals of stainless steel that hold crystal globes ready to fill your home with rainbows when the sun shines.  Find one in a color and shape just right for that special person on your gift list.  We like to say, "Spinners are the prefect gift for the person who has everything!"

Where can you get one of our Alaska spinners? While we live in Alaska, Alaskans Art-n-Around is often found at festivals and fairs across the country every year. If you missed seeing us in person, you can always order your wind spinner from our extensive online store! We always deliver fast and friendly service, usually through the USPS service.  We regularly travel to fairs and festivals across the country and look forward to meeting you in person!

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