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Alaskans Art-n-Around features a complete selection of jewelry crafted from semi precious stones.  Browse our inventory and find the perfect necklace, pendant, or earrings for your special person, or

complete your personal set.  We specialize in Abalone, Amethyst, Labradorite, Larimar, Rainbow Moonstone, Tiger Eye, and Turquoise, among other stones.  Pick your favorite choice for its natural beauty or tap into its healing energy.

Celebrated Achievements and Hallmarks with Moonstone Jewelry

Channel your inner magic with a beautiful moonstone pendant or earrings. Its misty rainbow coloration grabs your attention and is able to help focus during meditation. Our rainbow moonstones are selected for their reflective qualities. Spy prisms in their depths. Wear yours day in and out for an inner sense of peace and calm dreams. Perfect as a gift for your one true love or spiritual partner, not one piece of our moonstone jewelry is like any other.

Traditional Turquoise Jewelry for a Cherished Keepsake

Turquoise remains a popular stone with its bold aqua coloring that stands out against silver and gold. Unique pieces turn into heirlooms. Pick earrings or a pendant for your loved one on their special day such as graduation, anniversary, birthdays, or a special achievement. We hand select all of our stones choosing only the ones with deep and true coloration. Known as a stone of protection for shamans and kings, its marbled depths will provide the same strength for its intended recipient.

Always Something New and Unique in Our Wide Selection

Unlike gemstones that are hoarded for their monetary value, semi precious stone jewelry comes with a more intrinsic value that connects you with the natural world around you. Find the one true stone that provides inner calm, connects you with the spiritual world, or reminds you of a particular moment in your life. No two stones are alike. Our pendants and earrings are handcrafted with love and make a wonderful gift for your friends and loved ones.

Are you searching for a specific type of moonstone of turquoise jewelry piece? Scroll through our Alaskans Art-n-Around online store or give us a call. We may have new items that have just arrived and have not made it onto the web site, yet. Even though we are often traveling, we always make sure to box up and ship out your item as fast as possible.

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