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This piece of Alaskans Art-n-Around jewelry is made with genuine, eco-conscious prehistoric

Woolly Mammoth or Mastodon Ivories.

These ivories range in age from 10,000 to 200,000 years old and are generally found in the cold Northern regions of Alaska, Canada, Russia, and Siberia, where the tusks have been preserved through the millennia in permafrost. This prehistoric ivory comes in a variety of natural hues, such as cream, tan, brown, and rarely, blue or green. The coloration varies depending upon the minerals in the soil where the tusk was buried for these many thousands of years.

The woolly mammoth tusk is characterized by a very curved shape while the mastodon tusk follows a much straighter, less curved line.  In Alaska, the mammoth and mastodon sometimes had tusks so large that they had to be pushed ahead as the creature walked.  These heavy tusks weighed up to 200-300 pounds and measured up to 10 feet long.  The Woolly Mammoth is Alaska's official state fossil.

Alaskans Art-n-Around genuine fossil mammoth and mastodon ivory jewelry can last a lifetime with proper care.

Always avoid contact with water, liquids, and harsh detergents.  Please make sure to take off your jewelry when washing your hands or going for a swim, for instance, and avoid extreme hot or cold conditions.  To clean your ivory jewelry, apply a small amount of unscented mineral oil to your piece and buff dry with a clean white cloth.

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