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Garden Art

Discover a World of Unique Garden Art and Wind Spinners

How do you lift up your beautiful flower garden and give an extra dimension of interest? Add a piece of garden art from Alaskans Art-n-Around with a mesmerizing spinning tail. While we stock a huge variety of spinners, our spinning tail blends the beauty of spirals of shining steel with colorful glass globes. Hang them on your porch, from the bird feeder station, or even a tree! Rainbows will be dancing all over your yard.


Our Spiral Tail Spinners Add Motion and Beauty

Whether you choose a small spiral measuring 11 inches long or one of our helix tails measuring 18 inches, it will be completed with a dangling crystal. The passing light of day will be captured on the bright shining surface of the spiral, the glass globes, and the crystal.  Visitors to your home and garden will find their attention captured by the mesmerizing spinning tail. Although the tails do not spin by themselves, they can be added directly to a motor or hang from the bottom of a wind spinner creating an optical illusion of the balls traveling up and down.

Glass Globes Catch and Scatter Rainbows

Mesmerizing spinning tails come in silver, copper, and gold colors.  Order yours with glass globes in a rainbow of colors, as well as glow in the dark and clear.  The crystal clear cut glass globe creates prisms of rainbows. The crystal drop is always clear so that it can capture and reflect light. The tail requires a swivel, a wind spinner or motor to make it turn and create the optical illusion of the globe going up and down.   Pick your spiral tail with one, two, or three glass globes and mix and match colors. They range in length from 6 to 18 inches.

Find One that Compliments Your Landscape and Personal Style

When looking for garden art pieces, you want an item that is unlike any other gazing globe or stainless butterfly on your street. Our spiral tail spinners can be hung from bird feeder poles, your old oak tree, your pergola, or inside your garden gazebo. Mix and match colors to build an entire garden of spinning spirals. Position them around your pool patio or by your lily pad pond. The rippling waves will also catch the light thrown by your spirals. You will take garden art to the next level!

You can find our Spinning Spiral Tails on display whenever you find us at fairs and festivals across the nation. If you can't wait to see us in person, pick up your phone to place an order or click through on our online store. We always work hard to deliver superior service to our customers and will have your purchase boxed up for shipment in short order. If you don't see something listed that you want, give us a ring and we will let you know if it is an item we can order. 

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