Laser Cut Wind Spinners
The hanging laser cut spinner will catch anyone's attention, add a mesmerizing spinning tail or a spiral tail to help stabilize it in the wind.
Sport Team Spinners
Team wind spinners will showcase your "team" and team spirit to everyone.
Tails help stabilize the spinners in the wind. A jaw dropping optical illusion is seen in a mesmerizing,
spinning tail.
Battery Motor - Accessories
The Battery Operated Wind Spinner Motor Motors helps the spinnersto constantly rotate at 30 R.M.P.
Woolly Mammoth Ivory
Woolly Mammoth Ivory is hand carved in the Bali Islands by master carvers.
Carved Cow Bone
Carved Bone Jewelry is hand carved by master carvers from the Bali islands.
Sun Catcher/Dream Catchers
Sun Catchers reflect the light and Dream Catchers catch your dreams to release the bad ones and help you keep the good dreams.
Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry
We offer a great selection of semi precious stone jewelry made of Amethyst, Abalone, Labradorite, Larimar, Rainbow Moonstone, Tiger Eye and Turquiose.
Every necklace is unique and made with a variety of mediums.
About Alaskans Art-n-Around
We are from Alaska and Art-n-Around as we travel to fairs, festivals and shows.
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